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Smart roofs

Text message informs you about imminent threat

Warehouses, production halls, large format stores, sports and events facilities – the majority of them have flat roofs with an area equal to that of a few or even several dozen football pitches. Since recently, their administrators have been helped in overseeing their condition by the Smart Roof platform created by Sense Monitoring.

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New patents

Mateusz Piotrzkowski, the Projet Manager, Zortrax

This Olsztyn-based technology company has won the trust of such renowned organizations as Bosh or NASA. The company has created a comprehensive system that encompasses all stages of 3D printing. Recently, the company has added Zotrax Apoller, yet another component, to the system. Zotrax Apoller is a device that provides postproduction smoothing of 3D printed objects.

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Ample opportunities

– Woman examining colourful samples in a laboratory

For a long time, Barwa, a Kielce-based retail company, has been selling coatings and varnishes. Investment in human resources and modern equipment enabled the company to launch their original solutions on several markets, e.g. automotive, defence and rail. The establishing of a modern research laboratory is an important step in the development of the company is.

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Light that suits its purpose

Man examines lamp fitting in photometric darkroom

LUG, a company offering modern and smart LED lighting systems, provides its services to infrastructure investment, industrial and architectural projects in over 70 countries in the world. It provides LED systems that meet top-notch technical and aesthetic standards. As a part of its strategy, LUG invests, among other things, in the development of smart light management systems.

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Good packaging

Foil production line

Some products need to be stored and transported in specific conditions, and in the case of foodstuffs, freezing is the simplest and the most natural preservation method. Thus, packaging plays an important role in the process. The Kutno-based FOL-POL is an expert in foil packaging. The company has been on the plastics market since 1994. Jacek Borowski is the company’s originator and founder.

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Creative explosion

production hall

We usually associate explosion with destruction. However, in this particular instance, explosion energy is used to develop complex bonds. The process has been mastered by Opole-based Explomet.

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Speed and flexibility

Two men operates equipment in a mobile laboratory

In industries such as petrochemical, energy and telecommunication, uninterrupted work of devices is essential. A serious failure means losses for the supplier, but also a lack of reliable supply of fuels, electricity or the internet. Calibron allows you to carry out inspections in places where human presence is impossible or involves too much risk.

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Counteracting digital exclusion

Woman with a digital pen

You are filling out a paper form in a bank. The monitor immediately displays its digital version with your signature. It’s not magic - this is how the IC Pen system works! While you are filling out the form using a pen, all information is automatically converted into its digital version without any additional engagement of the user. 

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Diamond nanotechnologies

New diamond marking technology

In ancient times, diamonds were thought to be the tears of the gods or shards of fallen stars. As far as the chemical composition is concerned, diamond is a pure crystal form of carbon. In jewellery, a diamond is considered the most beautiful gemstone. It is mostly transparent but sometimes it can also be coloured. This was the inspiration for a Wrocław-based start-up, Nanores Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., to launch a few innovative solutions on the diamond market.

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Accident under control

HV power line with an element of the system

Times of frequent and lengthy power supply disruption are gone. However, nowadays thunder storms, hurricanes and other natural disasters may still cause blackout at homes and in the streets, as well as bring services and production to a halt. Every such downtime generates cost! It is, however, possible to mitigate it. You just need to use an appropriate technology.

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Printed health

personalised implants

A young man was involved in a road traffic accident. He suffered from serious injuries of the facial skeleton, and could not move his lower jaw. Only an implant could help the patient. An individual prosthesis was designed for him and produced by a team of engineers from the company ChM. All this was done in cooperation with doctors from the Voivodeship Hospital in Białystok.

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Export ready

man at a machine in a vacuum cleaner factory

The vacuum cleaners manufactured by Zelmer company from Rzeszów, which have been very popular in Poland for many years, are legendary, and this legend will continue thanks to innovative solutions developed by local designers. The production will go on, but under a different brand name and in a different company. Yet, still in Rzeszów.

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The only horseshoe of its kind

Two Ti-Con horseshoes held by a man

Everybody knows what a horse looks like. But no less important is what is hidden under the horse hoof, i.e. the horseshoe. Can a product with a one-thousand-year history be innovative? The Ti-CON company has proved that it is certainly possible.

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