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Consultants always at your service

Cezary Ziemiński, the President of and Technology Director

For years now, a company from Warsaw called Migam has been doing its best to make the life of people with hearing impairments easier. How? By developing a model of omni-channel communication, that is, to put it simply, by creating a technology which makes it possible to manage tens of thousands of video calls made from any device at the same time. This technology has had a sign language translator module added, thanks to which serving hearing impaired customers has become much easier.

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Digitisation inside out

Grzegorz Ciwoniuk, co-founder of the start-up, working at his laptop in the office

The company intranet does not have to be used only for sending typical messages to employees. It can improve communication and get employees more involved and more effective. Attractive solutions in this field are designed by a company from Białystok, Elastic Cloud Solutions (ECS), which has taken advantage of EU funds to conquer foreign markets.

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Trial recording

E-record is digital audio and video recording of court proceedings

What exactly did the witness say? Now, the court and the parties to the proceedings can easily retrace what was said word by word thanks to e-record. Civil and minor offence cases are already audio- or video-recorded in over 3.5 thousand courtrooms all over Poland.

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The Chamberlain will take care of your home

OKE system components

Who wouldn’t like a chamberlain to do our chores? Someone who not only follows orders but also takes care of our tasks and safety? The Gdańsk-based OKE Poland sp. z o.o. has developed a device that signals any threat to the safety and helps us with routine tasks we do every day.

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Synergy is power

Two girls sitting backwards on a houseboat

Building a civil society – this idea guides the Project Arché Foundation in its mission. This motto has materialised in the “Synergy” project which covered 26 poverty-stricken families threatened with social exclusion. Innovative activities of the project motivate people and help to build their confidence to make them believe that together they are capable of changing themselves and their surroundings.

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An intergenerational journey

Cargiver has brought dinner for an elderly woman

“Grandma and Grandpa with Class” and “Respite Care Package” are only two out of the four social innovations appreciated by the Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”. This association has invited organisations and people with specific ideas on how to improve the quality of life of the elderly and dependents, as well as their carers, to cooperate.

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