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A master of life

people with disabilities play drums outdoors

A test on making your bed, shopping, zipping your coat, making tea, using a photocopier, a mop and the Word processing software? That’s right! The innovative motivation system for people with intellectual disability is based on the scouting merit badge system.

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A designer wheelchair

young man is holding a wheelchair component

The combination of a fancy design and functionality is the cornerstone of the strategy promoted by Mikołów-based Cosmotech. Soon, thanks to their innovative products, people with disabilities will be able to use designer lightweight and made-to-measure wheelchairs.

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Rebuilding relationships

Hand-held smartphone with the ‘Good Caregiver’ app displayed

When there is a person living nearby that you can count on and that will help in a difficult situation, you feel safe. And what if good neighbour relationships became part of the commune social care system? What is needed is only a bit of knowledge, technology, support and ingenuity.

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Seniors we care about

Senior with a caregiver at a table with a laptop

‘I am happy with my caregiver. She is like a daughter to me’. ‘She helps me a lot every day. I anxiously await Ms Ela’s every visit’. These are the opinions expressed by project participants. The challenge of ageing societies requires a growing number of solutions, such as those supported by the ESF.

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Care on call

Remote care centre operators

The Tele-Angel from Małopolska region is the largest tele-care project in the area (Lesser Poland) and one of the most original projects of this kind in Europe. It consists in providing remote care services with the use of the latest technologies, as well as traditional services provided at home.

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Travel, help and save up

Disabled passenger is getting on the train with a conductor standing next to the door

Did you know that by assisting a person with disabilities while on the train you can get a discount on your ticket? This discount can be even up to 95%. On the initiative of FAREON and Koleje Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland Railways), a special website was launched to make it easier to match people who can help one another.

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