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The extension of the R&D Centre (CB-R) at Creotech Instruments SA supporting satellite structures and space missions


A facility for designing and prototyping space satellite systems has been created in a laboratory based outside of Warsaw. Engineers and scientists design, prototype and test equipment to be used in the outer-space environment.

Creotech has been cooperating with, inter alia, theEuropean Space Agency (ESA), the Space Research Centre at the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN), and with several private companies. Such missions require advanced research facilities, and the modern infrastructure has created new opportunities. This helps to design equipment and prototype and test space systems. However, the outer space is not merely an area of scientific research.

‘Frequently we are not aware that space exploration has become a rapidly growing industry. Many solutions that we make use of in our everyday life were invented for the needs of space exploration sector and then adapted to “earthly” needs,’ says Tomasz Krzaczek, the Director for Production at Creotech Instruments SA.

Creotech is the leader in the aerospace sector in Poland. The company participated in a number of projects commissioned by ESA. Moreover, it has also contributed to the Mars mission that searches for signs of life on the red planet.


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