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Placing the business model and innovative system named Prognosis on the national and foreign market


The Prognosis system facilitates the energy management process in enterprises and other entities. The company provides innovative and modern forecasting software, which allows to accurately predict the energy consumption, the price and dissipated power of the energy as well as many other parameters indispensable for estimating the optimal energy management. The proposed solution provides its users (enterprises, public institutions, shopping centres, hotels, etc.) with the distribution costs savings as well as the energy consumption costs savings. In addition, it is possible to achieve a 15% savings thanks to the recommended modifications or the reconstruction of the existing electricity network or its elements.


  • The Prognosis system

    The Prognosis system

  • The Prognosis system

    The Prognosis system

  • The Prognosis system

    The Prognosis system



Prognosis Sp. z o.o.


 The Operational Programme Eastern Poland 

EU Fund

 European Regional Development Fund (measure: 1.1 Starter platforms for new ideas; sub-measure 1.1.2 The development of start-ups in the Eastern Poland)

Total project value 

 PLN 964,442.00 

EU contribution

PLN 799,952.00