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This Olsztyn-based technology company has won the trust of such renowned organizations as Bosh or NASA. The company has created a comprehensive system that encompasses all stages of 3D printing. Recently, the company has added Zotrax Apoller, yet another component, to the system. Zotrax Apoller is a device that provides postproduction smoothing of 3D printed objects.

"Zortrax has always protected its intellectual property and Apoller is no exception. We filed an application for three patents and two industrial designs in connection with this invention,’ says Mateusz Piotrzkowski, the Project Manager at Zortrax. ‘EU funding has been very helpful, he added."

Apoller is the only desktop device in the world for smoothing prints made of thermoplastics. It can guarantee the top quality performance and it is very easy to operate. How does it work? Firstly, you need to put the printed object in the chamber and close its door tightly. Then determine the setting using a touchscreen. Next, the machine starts smoothing the print using acetone or butanone, which in their gaseous state dissolve the surface and fuse particular layers of the print. After that, the 3D printed object looks exactly like their injection molded equivalents. Moreover, depending on the type of material (i.e. filament) they are made of, models can have glossy or mat finish.

"After the 3-hour process is completed, the print can be removed from the printer. Such models can be further processed with ease, e.g. painted, to produce the desired eff ect, adds Mr. Piotrzkowski."

Zortrax is:

  • 25 thousand printers sold since the beginning of its operation
  • PLN 185 million income generated so far
  • products dispatched to 75 countries
  • over 120 employees


  • poller is used for smoothing 3D printed objects made of thermoplastic filaments

    poller is used for smoothing 3D printed objects made of thermoplastic filaments

  • Mateusz Piotrzkowski, the Projet Manager, Zortrax

    Mateusz Piotrzkowski, the Projet Manager, Zortrax

  • 3D printed models

    3D printed models



Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund  


Obtaining legal protection for inventions and industrial designs for a new device in the 3D model postproduction segment Project

Project cost

approx. PLN 1 million, including approx. PLN 452 thousand from the European Regional Development Fund