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The vacuum cleaners manufactured by Zelmer company from Rzeszów, which have been very popular in Poland for many years, are legendary, and this legend will continue thanks to innovative solutions developed by local designers. The production will go on, but under a different brand name and in a different company. Yet, still in Rzeszów.

In 2000, the former President of Zelmer, Mr. Bogusław Madera, established a company called Masterprofi, which specialises in manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners. Its customers are mainly cleaning companies, as well as hotels, offices, schools and hospitals. Around 60% of the products manufactured are sold abroad. "In order to conquer foreign markets, you need to deliver world-class quality products which undergo continuous improvement,’ said Mr. Madera. ‘We have developed our own solutions, some of which have been patented, e.g. innovative methods of dirt filtering and noise reduction. They are applied in vacuum cleaners used in construction sites for removing plaster, cement residues, as well as sand. They represent top of the league in the world."

 The company has built its own research and development centre, which is equipped with the latest control and measurement instruments. Apart from continuously testing the quality, the designers at Masterprofi work on prototypes of new products, which are put into production after the successful completion of testing.

Efficient filtration

Masterprofi has patented a dust filtering technology, which consists in combining a special dust collector and self-cleaning multifilters made up of felt tubes covered with Teflon. Thus, the level of effectiveness of the filtration process is almost 100% and the filters' life-time is up to six years.


  • New filtration system applied in industrial vacuum cleaners used at construction sites

    New filtration system applied in industrial vacuum cleaners used at construction sites

  • Multifilter consists of Teflon-clad felt tubes

    Multifilter consists of Teflon-clad felt tubes



Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund  


Establishment of the Research and Development Centre of Masterprofi sp. z o.o.

Project cost

PLN 8.3 million, including PLN 4.1 million from the European Regional Development Fund