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You are filling out a paper form in a bank. The monitor immediately displays its digital version with your signature. It’s not magic – this is how the IC Pen system works! While you are filling out the form using a pen, all information is automatically converted into its digital version without any additional engagement of the user. 

"Now, the system is used by PKO BP, ENEA and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). But it all started at a university. ‘A keyboard was not a good tool to transfer mathematic formulas into a computer. We wanted to develop an interface that can help mathematicians to intuitively transfer data to a computer memory,’ says Dr Rafał Witkowski, the President of Board at IC Solutions Sp. z o.o."

"Dr Krzysztof Krzywdziński of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan was another contributor to the new project. Apart from the project, the two inventors had something else in common, since they jointly developed their PhD theses. They moved from speech to handwriting recognition systems. This is how they created the IC Pen. ‘A digital pen has already been on the market, but we developed a software that, acting in the background, transfers a handwritten text to a computer. We found a solution that does not exclude anyone, and everyone can use it regardless of their competences. Additionally, it facilitates the digitalization of documents,’ explained Dr Witkowski."
"The company was established in 2009. At the end of 2013, the company completed initial tests with selected clients. In the early 2014, company founders settled their intellectual property rights with the university and started the commercialization of the project. ‘A year later we attracted a large client, namely the OSCE, which used the technology to monitor elections all over the world. Now, we have resorted to the support of Go To Brand to expand on foreign markets. Our software helped us to attract two new clients from the United States,’ adds Przemysław Jesionowski, the managing partner at IC Solutions Sp. z o.o."

 More than a pen

The IC Pen System is not only a digital pen. It is a platform capable of collecting data from various interfaces, including paper documents filled out using a digital pen, forms completed with a stylus on a tablet, or documents signed through Wacom, an interactive pen display.


  • IC Pen is a digital pen and data collection platform

    IC Pen is a digital pen and data collection platform



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