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For years now, a company from Warsaw called Migam has been doing its best to make the life of people with hearing impairments easier. How? By developing a model of omni-channel communication, that is, to put it simply, by creating a technology which makes it possible to manage tens of thousands of video calls made from any device at the same time. This technology has had a sign language translator module added, thanks to which serving hearing impaired customers has become much easier.

Currently, online sign language translators are used in offices, banks, hospitals and universities, and people with hearing impairments can settle their matters unimpeded.

The innovators from Warsaw were helped by EU funds. The company was provided with professional consulting from TechBrainers experts, who specialise in supporting this kind of projects, and was granted financial resources for development of its activities.

The potential of the omni-channel technology is enormous. It has just been introduced into the online shopping sector. And what is meant here is an original solution named, which makes a customer feel like in a real shop when in fact they are only shopping on the Internet. This is because such a customer can count on consultants, who are supported by and immediately respond to questions, provide product presentations or modify the offers to customer needs. And nowadays a rapid response is worth its weight in gold.

Online shopping

  • 80% customers start their shopping with browsing the Internet offers
  • 44% customers need the help of shop assistants when shopping online
  • 78% customers are ready to buy a product from a company which is the first to start a sales conversation 
"Inspired by the needs of a minority, and based on the Migam translator, we have created a unique solution,, which is of help to the majority, i.e. each of us who is going to buy a product or service. With no support from the EU, the commercialisation of would have been impossible and would have taken much more time. And on the Internet, time is more than money", said Cezary Ziemiński, the President of and Director for Technology Development.


  • Cezary Ziemiński, the President of and Technology Director

    Cezary Ziemiński, the President of and Technology Director

  • Cezary Ziemiński, the President of and Technology Director

    Cezary Ziemiński, the President of and Technology Director

  • Man browsing websites on his laptop

    Man browsing websites on his laptop

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