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Refrigerated transport is a fast-growing freight sector. In order to enter this growing market segment, the company Wielton SA based in Wieluń has designed a new refrigerated vehicle. And now it is preparing to put it into mass production.

As befits the largest manufacturer of trailers, semi-trailers and bodyworks in Poland, Wielton has its own Research and Development Centre. This is where the design brief and design intent for the new semi-trailer have been developed. The Wielton refrigerated semi-trailer will be provided with innovative technologies and will fully satisfy the expectations of customers.

"We are building an advanced refrigeration plate production line, which will enable us to enter a new product segment, i.e. refrigerated vehicles for the transport of goods in a temperature-controlled environment. Transport of food, electronics and pharmaceuticals requires rigorous requirements to be satisfied. Therefore, our refrigerated vehicles need to be of high quality and reliability, said Mariusz Golec, the President of the Management Board of Wielton SA. Nowadays, this still undeveloped market segment accounts for 12% of the transport market in general."

 At present, the prototype of the Wielton refrigerated semi-trailer is being designed and constructed. Simultaneously, the concept of the plant construction, including  individual production and assembly lines, is being developed.

"The main features distinguishing our refrigerated semi-trailer from those produced by our competitors are lower curb weight, antiseptic coatings and improved thermal insulation of the walls, explained Mariusz Golec. Implementation of this project will bring numerous benefits to Wielton and open up new prospects for development. The company is going to strive for the position of leader in the refrigerated transport sector in Poland, and in the long term, also in Europe."

Science & Business

At the Research and Development Centre of Wielton, the Research and Development Department has been established, which is the cradle of innovation. This is where science and business are combined. The Centre is the only research facility in Poland and the second in Europe which is equipped with a driving simulator for full truckload stress tests of trailers and semi-trailers.


  • Automated paint shop

    Automated paint shop

  • Road Simulator during testing of a trailer

    Road Simulator during testing of a trailer

  • Preparation of the trailer chassis for testing

    Preparation of the trailer chassis for testing



Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund  


Development of a manufacturing technology and a production system for a refrigerated closed box semi -trailer intended for the refrigerated transport of goods

Project cost

PLN 19.97 million, including PLN 8.85 million from the European Regional Development Fund