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European Funds

UE - ikona

EUR 162.9 billion Total amount of money which we collected from the EU budget in 2004-2019 (as at the end of February 2019)

over EUR 109.5 billion Settlement balance (transfers from the EU minus the amount of our contributions to the EU budget)

over 240,000 That many projects have been implemented since 2004 with EU funding

500–600 thousand There would be that many less jobs in 2012–2016 if not for the European Funds


Gospodarka - ikona

approx. EUR 220.6 billion The value of our export (trade in goods) in 2018 | in 2004 - 60.3 billion

5.1% That is the rate of economic growth of Poland in 2018 1.9% - the EU average (EU28)

nearly 70% Polish GDP per capita in comparison with the EU average | in 2004 - less than 50%

PLN 1693 The amount of disposable income in 2018 (average monthly disposable income per one person in total) | in 2004 - PLN 735.4


Drogi - ikona

2,610 km Built or modernised motorways and clearways

4,336 km Total length of constructed or modernised railway lines

160,612 km Length of built broadband network


Innowacje - ikona

PLN 34.3 billion Value of R&D projects in 2004–2018

2,889 Supported product innovations only since 2014

over 2 thousand patent applications

18.5 thousand foreign trade contracts The expected effect of grant agreements of the Smart Growth Operational Programme concluded so far


Kultura - ikona

over 16 million The number of people who visited cultural heritage sites covered by support (data for 2007–2013)

over 600 thousand The number of digitised documents from cultural resources (as of March 2019)


Rekreacja - ikona

approx. 1.1 million The number of people exercising in sports sections in 2016 | in 2004 - approx. 800,000


Turystyka - ikona

17.7 million The number of lodgings provided to foreign tourists in lodging places in Poland in 2017


Edukacja - ikona

660,000 The number of students who have raised their knowledge and skills in the last 5 years thanks to the support from the European Social Fund


Zdrowie - ikona

2,111 The number of entities in the field of health (including hospitals, outpatient clinics and research centres) supported by the European Funds