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Aviation and astronautics are smart specialisations we are well-known for internationally. PnP Systems company from the Podkarpackie region fits this profile perfectly. So does its location! The company operates in the Aeropolis Science and Technology Park in Jasionka near Rzeszów, in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

"Securing the airport’s radio navigation systems against potential attacks is essential to ensure safe air traffic. Although many companies are working on it, there is not yet a complex solution on the market that will ensure uninterrupted navigation and communication with aircrafts and ground personnel at the airport and its surroundings. Our technology is a response to this demand – says Przemysław Iskrzak, President of the Board of PnP Systems."

 In cooperation with the National Institute of Telecommunications, the company has developed an innovative technology that will allow to build a detection system, a monitoring system and a system for locating  radio interference in real time. Selected radio frequency bands will be monitored using our own production probes network. When the interference or attack appears, security services responsible will be immediately informed of the incident and will take appropriate action.

The first installations will be implemented at Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport. The army is also interested in the solution. It will be also offered on the telecommunications and banking markets as well as to agencies responsible for public safety.

Beyond radar’s range

Almost 900 incidents of long-term loss of communication are registered annually in European airspace and at airports: - En-route - 75% - during approach - 16% - during taxiing - 4% - during take-off - 3% - during landing - 1% - when standing - 1%. Most incidents are classified as hazardous aviation incidents.

Source: EVAIR Safety Bulletin No 19


  • Thanks to the PnP system, air traffic is safe

    Thanks to the PnP system, air traffic is safe

  • PnP can help operators to determine the type of interference or attack

    PnP can help operators to determine the type of interference or attack



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