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Roma’s way to success through professional activity and education in Lower Silesia


The main aim of the project was to implement comprehensive measures improving education and employment of members of the Roma community from the Lower Silesia region. Participants acquired professional qualifications and experience by training and internships as well as acquisition of soft skills such as independence, workflow management, coping with difficult situations and effective communication.

Activities carried out under the project focused at:

  • career counseling (incl.  Individual Action Plan);
  • vocational activation and social skills workshops;
  • training courses and 4-months paid internship both based on Individual Actions Plans;
  • training courses for job assistants;
  • each participant received also full support from a job assistant (in the participant’s residence).

Job assistants originated from the Roma community or immediate environment in order to assure smooth cooperation.  The main effect of the project is to decrease the adverse impact of negative stereotypes about Roma people and to tackle social exclusion of this group. It offered a solid chance to demonstrate their value as a competent, motivated and active member of their society. Consequently, the project helped to increase positive perception of the Roma community in the region. The project is running from October 2016 till August 2018.


  • Training courses

    Training courses

  • Training courses

    Training courses

  • Training courses

    Training courses



Centrum Wspierania Biznesu Europea Sp. z o.o.


Knowledge Education Development 2014-20

EU Fund

European Social Fund

Total project value 

804 328,68 PLN

EU contribution

780 184,40 PLN