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Implementation of the results of research and development work through the development of a remote sensing platform based on an innovative method of flora inventory


Contrary to appearances, this is not military technology, but a system enabling the inventory of flora in Polish forests. The combination of an aircraft with technologically advanced cameras and lasers was created by the OPEGIEKA company from Elbląg.

To manage the forest economy wisely you need up-to‑date information on areas occupied by trees and their specificity. This data can be acquired using remote sensing methods whereby knowledge on objects or phenomena taking place on the earth surface is gained thanks to aerial photographs, satellite images or aerial laser scanning.

OPEGIEKA has constructed a platform providing imaging and vector data which, when processed in line with algorithms compiled, will provide details on what type of plants have been scanned and photographed.

‘The forest management sector will gain access to up-to-date and comprehensive profiles of forest ecosystems, with detailed biometric data on tree stands as well as their health condition and natural assets,’ said Adam Augustynowicz, the Vice‑President of OPEGIEKA. 

The platform consists of three elements: a twin-engine plane, an aerial scanner and a large-format camera.


  • Remote sensing platform

    Remote sensing platform

  • Remote sensing platform

    Remote sensing platform

  • Twin-engine plane

    Twin-engine plane

  • Twin-engine plane

    Twin-engine plane





Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund  

Total project value 

PLN 19,870,548 

EU contribution

PLN 9,640,860