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Implementation of an innovative jet dust collector on the market


Project scope:

Nawara-Serwis is a specialist and Polish producer in the field of complete filtration and extraction systems in the wood, metal and construction industries as well as paint mist removal systems in the process of surface varnishing, as well as waste management and recycling.

The subject of the project was the implementation on the market of a world-class innovative jet dust collector, which was developed by “Nawara-Serwis” S.C. as part of the R&D work carried out.

The VACO MAX device has found application mainly in woodworking companies. The dust collector, which is connected to the machine, will effectively clean the air of dust generated by the device. This is possible thanks to the use of a stream separator and expansion chamber with a special design, the concept of which is the companys idea. Both the separator and the entire project have been patent pending. As a result of the dust collector operation, customers have the ability to clean the air from machines to a level not exceeding 0.05 mg of pollutants per m3 of air, which was previously an unattainable result on the market. In addition, the life of the filters has significantly increased (from 5 to 12 years) and their cleaning may take place less often than in the case of other available solutions, which results in lower energy consumption by the device. VACO MAX is a mobile, vacuum filter (i.e. the fan is on the clean side and has no contact with the transported material) is also much smaller, and thus possible to use in smaller production plants. An important advantage of functionality is the possibility of briquetting collected in bulk buckets as a result of overpressure. Due to smaller dimensions, steel consumption for its production was also limited.

The introduction of the jet dust collector to the market necessitated the construction of a production and warehouse hall with an office and social part, as well as the purchase of:

  1. a technological line for the production of this type of equipment
  2. a laser with a CNC punching machine and press brake
  3. forklift and other equipment (overhead crane, CNC tools, CNC closing and wrapping machine, threading machine, screw compressor, storage rack, laser fume extraction system, as well as AutoCad workstations and software)

Project goals:

The aim of the project was to launch an innovative jet dust collector with unprecedented functionalities. As a result of its implementation, customers have received an effective and efficient device for filtering air from pollutants at a competitive price.

Project meaning:

VACO MAX MODEL S3000 is an innovative product on a global scale. It is characterized by extremely high efficiency, very high air filtration parameters, making it an eco-innovative product. Project implementation has contributed to reducing dust emissions. Thanks to the full heat recuperation when installing the dust collector in rooms, heating costs are also reduced.

According to the beneficiary: 

"The patented Nawara Serwis technologies allow for proper dedusting and air filtering. Our qualified team takes care of product implementation, which allows us to maintain health and safety standards at the client’s company."


  • an innovative jet dust collector with the control module

    an innovative jet dust collector with the control module

  • a jet dust collector

    a jet dust collector

  • an assembly plant - a jet dust collector

    an assembly plant - a jet dust collector

  • a new innovative jet dust collector

    a new innovative jet dust collector





Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund

Total project value 

PLN 16,870,737.68

EU contribution

PLN 4,620,915.00