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It is not only the money that improves employee performance. It has been proved that the atmosphere at your workplace is also substantially influenced by plants. Nowadays, biophilia, which means incorporating nature and organic materials into your space, is a strong trend in workplace design. A company which is effective in covering office spaces with greenery is 4Nature System – Wertykalni.

The company from Warsaw has taken advantage of EU funds in order to develop a modular system for building vertical gardens. This is done based on an original technology consisting in automatic irrigation and lighting of plants. A vertical garden is made of recycled plastic and integrated with an automatic watering and smart control system. As a result, looking after plants is no longer burdensome. Plants in office areas have a positive influence on employee comfort, and smart control of greenery allows for optimising the costs of maintaining it. The modular vertical greenery system was appreciated by the jury of the competition Dobry Wzór (Good Design) 2018, which awarded Wertykalni a prize in the Services category.

"We introduce living greenery into offices with the support of the latest technology. The irrigation and lighting levels are managed using a mobile application. One of our flagship solutions 4Nature Smart is provided with an application designed in compliance with the IoT (Internet of Things) concept, which significantly shortens and facilitates the plant care process’ said Beata Dziedzic, the company’s co-founder. The automatic irrigation and lighting system makes looking after plants so easy".


  • Plants have positive influence on work efficiency Man operating the smart management system

    Plants have positive influence on work efficiency Man operating the smart management system

  • Smart management optimises maintenance cost

    Smart management optimises maintenance cost



Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund


Innovative mobile modules with an integrated vertical garden system

Project cost

approx. PLN 375 thousand, including PLN 244 thousand from the European Regional Development Fund