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Some products need to be stored and transported in specific conditions, and in the case of foodstuffs, freezing is the simplest and the most natural preservation method. Thus, packaging plays an important role in the process. The Kutno-based FOL-POL is an expert in foil packaging. The company has been on the plastics market since 1994. Jacek Borowski is the company’s originator and founder.

"Since company’s establishment, we have been looking for new solutions and innovative technologies supporting the maintenance of product quality, says Jacek Borowski, the owner of the company. The company has been using EU funding to implement projects in collaboration with research and development centres."
"Before FOL-POL implemented an innovative technology for manufacturing 5-layer foil that includes a bacterial shield, the company examined a prospective market. The market study has confirmed demand for the product among food and packaging manufacturers. ‘We have contacted the Leather Industry Institute in Zgierz. The institute developed an active substance that is added during the production process to comprise a layer that has a direct contact with food. They also helped us to refine the manufacturing of anti-bacteria foil,’ says Jacek Borowski."
"Once the technology was ready, the company could focus on buying a production line. It was the main goal of yet another project funded from the Smart Growth Programme. ‘Production of the foil is subject to stringent control. All waste is recycled and reused in the production cycle,’ adds the owner of the company."

Healthy frozen food

According to the opinion poll by Nielsen, every year, Poles buy 92 m kg of frozen food spending about PLN 770 m. Nearly 70% of households in the country use frozen vegetables and fruit while cooking. This market segment has been rapidly growing in Poland.


Foil production is subject to stringent control



Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund  


The implementation of a new technology for manufacturing 5-layer foil, including a bacterial shield, for multiple bacterial control applications whilemaintaining properties of the foil during freezing

Project cost

PLN 11.49 million, including PLN 6 million from the European Regional Development Fund