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In ancient times, diamonds were thought to be the tears of the gods or shards of fallen stars. As far as the chemical composition is concerned, diamond is a pure crystal form of carbon. In jewellery, a diamond is considered the most beautiful gemstone. It is mostly transparent but sometimes it can also be coloured. This was the inspiration for a Wrocław-based start-up, Nanores Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., to launch a few innovative solutions on the diamond market.

"The original idea focused on a diamond’s light reflection properties, i.e. their colour (ed. note: NanoPatterning technology). Fantasy coloured diamonds are several times more expensive than white ones. We have made preliminary tests on surfaces of 10×10 micrometres, and results are very promising,’ said Paweł Modrzyński, company founder, referring to the beginning of the project. The technology is non-invasive and does not change other properties of the diamond."

 The individualization method is also designed to cater for the jewellery market (ed. note: NanoIndividualization). Inscriptions, symbols, pictures and holograms of any size can now be put on gemstones. This means that a jeweller can meet requests of even the most demanding customers. Of course, the additional processing makes the gemstone more expensive.

"The diamond world has been infested with fraud. ‘For this reason, customers pay more attention to the origin of gemstones, whereas companies express desire to exercise tighter control of the market. The NanoMarking technology may come in handy by providing extra security. The technology prevents any forgery of diamonds and helps to determine their origin,’ adds Mr Modrzyński."

 Paweł Modrzyński founded the start-up together with Marcin Wielebski, his friend from studies at Wrocław University of Technology. Modrzyński himself has gained invaluable experience and made contacts during his 6 years of engagement with the CERN, the Geneva-based Science Centre. Today, these contacts help Nanores in discussing business matters with their clients from various parts of the world.

Nanomarked diamonds

Microscopes for testing diamonds can be used as micro-milling machines. Nanores intends to provide mining companies with diamond marking solutions that comprise the technology and a simple device adapted to apply such security markings.


  • New technology prevents diamond counterfeiting

    New technology prevents diamond counterfeiting



Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund  


The development of NanoPatterning, NanoMarking and NanoIndividualization services together with an innovative technology of ion sources for the Focused Ion Beam

Project cost

approx. PLN 9.6 million, including approx. PLN 7.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund