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Development of technology for manufacturing GALVI ion hygienic coatings based on galvanic microcells to provide biocontrol of fungi spread in building facilities


Fungi and mould are stowaways destroying our buildings and causing a number of deceases, including asthma. There are a number of fungicides on the market, but they all contain biocides that can be harmful to people. Alcor, an Opole-based company, has come up with an innovative solution using principles of physics instead of harmful chemicals. GALVI paint coatings develop an electrical micro-field that deters fungi and mould. The new paint has passed the test in dark and moist cellars of Champagne.

‘GALVI paints are safe. Their properties result from galvanic microcells. Ions of zinc and copper create a barrier that is impassable for fungi and mould, the enemies of our walls and ceilings. Thus, the smart coating prevents fungi growth and neutralizes mould,’ said Wojciech Spisak, PhD, CEO of Alcor.

The coating is activated by moisture accumulating in the interior. The paints can also be used at home, on external elevations and in any interior which is dark, moist and deprived of adequate ventilation.


  • Alcor's lab

    Alcor's lab

  • Alcor's lab

    Alcor's lab

  • New ionic paint GALVI

    New ionic paint GALVI

  • New ionic paint GALVI

    New ionic paint GALVI





Smart Growth Programme

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund

Total project value 

PLN 2,215,371.18

EU contribution

PLN 1,680,633.16