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Cook Yourself a Success Story Europe without borders means not only easier travel, but also new learning and job opportunities. And these are the values that form the foundation for the Cook Spanish Project. Participants can acquire experience and skills abroad, which will make them more valuable on the labour market back in Poland. The Foundation for Competence and Entrepreneurship Development – PROACTIVE from Krakow has thought of young people living in the Małopolska region (Lesser Poland).

The Foundation would like to arouse a passion for cooking in them. This idea seems to be interesting, as, apart from cooking workshops at the Altaviana cookery school in Valencia, it also covers training in renowned restaurants in Spain. Moreover, participants take an intensive Spanish language course (112 hours, before and during their stay in Spain) and are provided with job seeking support when back in Poland.

"Becoming acquainted with Mediterranean cuisine in practice is an advantage that the participants can turn into a success story after their return. Krakow is a tourist city with rich and diverse catering offers", says Waldemar Wnęk, the President of the Foundation and the project’s mentor.
"Our training gives a chance to develop interpersonal skills, such as teamwork, communication, organisation and conflict resolution. Teamwork skills are essential in the kitchen. The profession of chef is valued in Spain, and local restaurateurs care for their employees. This allows people to build their self-esteem and relevant attitude, which are of great importance on the job market".

Culinary centre

The region of Valencia is a true culinary powerhouse. The local restaurants have been awarded with 13 Michelin stars, with Quique Dacosta being the leader with a tally of 3 stars. Moreover, Valencia is the place of origin for paella, a dish which is also popular in Poland.

The project’s advantage lies in its individual approach. The restaurants hosting the training activities are selected in accordance with the participants’ interests. When returning home from Spain, the vast majority of participants get employed.


  • Participants of the “Cook Spanish” project

    Participants of the “Cook Spanish” project

  • Internships are held in renowned restaurants in Valencia

    Internships are held in renowned restaurants in Valencia

  • Chef preparing dishes in a restaurant kitchen

    Chef preparing dishes in a restaurant kitchen

  • Young people learn their profession in Spain

    Young people learn their profession in Spain



Knowledge Education Development Programme

EU Fund

European Social Fund


Cook Spanish II

Project cost

approx. PLN 3.2 million, including approx. PLN 3 million from the European Social Fund