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Construction of new sections of heating network to liquidate local heat sources fired with solid fuels in Krakow and Skawina - stage I


The project is implemented in Krakow and Skawina commune. The investment is to improve quality of air by limitation of emission of pollutants generated during combustion in household furnaces and boilers fired with solid fuel.

The project includes expansion of the heating network and installation of heat centres as well as construction of connections to the existing buildings. The plans envisage installation of approx. 13.5km of the network and heating connections and 215 pcs. of individual heat centres. As a result liquidation will cover 2 thous. coal furnaces and 50 coal-fired boiler plants.


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Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej SA in Krakow


Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, action 1.5 

EU Fund

Cohesion Fund

Total project value 

PLN 73,793,850.00

EU contribution

PLN 39,306,932.50