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Effects of European Funds: 2014-2020

Work and entrepreneurship

ikona przedstawiająca pracownika

961 981 unemployed supported

58 509 beneficiaries of support for starting independent business operation

63 372 enterprises supported

Information on the effects of European Funds as of 31st December 2020 based on payment applications.

Research and development

research and development

7 014 R&D projects implemented

4 977 research units and enterprises supported in the field of R&D activities

1 849 implemented R&D results



6 714 product innovations

2 991 process innovations

1 797 non-technological innovations

Science and education

research and education

152 633 school and vocational education institution students participating in placements and apprenticeships with employers

58 697 places in pre-school education

273 higher education institution supported



1 951 km of express, trunk, regional and local roads constructed and refurbished

1 052 km of motorways and express roads constructed

2 547 vehicles for municipal public passenger transport purchased

1 917 rolling stock units purchased and modernised



589 193 people covered by the health programme

396 833 people subjected to precautionary examination

Barrier removal

barrier removal

115 015 persons with disabilities supported

6 746 premises adjusted to the needs of persons with disabilities